Дизайн. Материалы. Технология

Дизайн. Материалы. Технология

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Procedure for the consideration and review of scientific articles and materials provided for publication in the journal «Design. Materials. Technology»

Provision of manuscript

1. To the editor by mail at the address: 191186, St. Petersburg, UL. 18 Bolshaya Morskaya, office 312 (or in person) by the author (authors) and the author's original article printed in two copies, designed in accordance with the requirements (requirements for original articles submitted to the magazine's website: http://journal.prouniver.ru/dmt/ or edited by the author on request). At the same time, the original article must be presented in electronic form and sent to the editor by e-mail at: lt_zhukova@mail.ru .

2. Printout of the manuscript must be completely identical to the electronic version of the article, the page of the manuscript should be numbered.

3. Article post-graduate students, competitors and others that do not have an advanced degree (no co-sponsorship with candidates and doctors of Sciences) are reviewing the members and experts of the Editorial Board of the journal based on:

1) of the decision of the Chair (research unit), where the work has been accomplished, containing a recommendation to publish articles in the journal.

2) written reviews prepared by the non-PhD supervisor or advisor.

4. Articles of Candidates of Sciences (including co-authored with graduate students, applicants and other persons, not having a scientific degree) are reviewed by the members and experts of the Editorial Board of the journal based on the decision of the Chair (academic Department), where the work has been accomplished, containing a recommendation to publish articles in the journal.

5. Articles of Doctors of Sciences (including co-authored with graduate students, applicants and other persons, not having a scientific degree) are accepted for review by the members and experts of the editorial board without any specific rulings (recommendations) and reviews (reviews).

6. Authors bear full responsibility for the correctness of given information, lack of data not subject to open publication, and the accuracy of the information on the cited literature.

7. The Editorial Board informs the authors by e-mail within 5 working days regarding the publication process. The timing of the review in each case determined by the editors, taking into account the creation of conditions for maximum operational articles.

The procedure for reviewing scientific articles and materials in the journal

1. All requests for publishing scientific articles and reviews are peer-reviewed on a mandatory basis for the purpose of obtaining experts’ opinion by members of the Editorial Board of the journal or experts of the corresponding specialty, on the recommendation of the editorial board. The reviewer has to have 3-year track of publications in the same field as the article under review.

2. Editorial board members bear and Executive Secretary of the journal are responsible for timely peer review. The reviews are stored for 5 years. The copies of the review have to be submitted to the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and Science upon the request.

3. Currently published are the following headings:
• Systems analysis, management and information processing
• Automation and control of technological processes and productions
• Management in organizational systems
• Computer modeling and automation
• Technology and processing of synthetic and natural polymers and composites
• Processes and apparatus of chemical technologies
• Technology of textile and light industry products
• Materials Science
• Theory and History of Culture, Art
• Museology, Conservation and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects
• Art forms (technical aesthetics and design)

The availability of specific headings may vary in each issue. The materials of the article should correspond to the subject of the sections of the scientific publication.

4. Articles pass the discussion in a meeting of the Editorial Board, which makes at least 2 reviews by members or experts, Editorial Board (1 written and 1 oral). In that case, if the topic of the manuscript is at the junction of areas meeting makes two written reviews by members or experts of the editorial board. Decisions of the Board are allowed to be obtained via e-mail. The decision of the Editorial Board is a formalized Protocol.

5. The review must contain:
• assessment of the compatibility of the content of the article its title;
• Evaluation of the relevance, scientific novelty and practical importance;
• specific comments and/or description of the merits of the article;
• usefulness of the publication of an article in and in the journal as a whole.

6. Review is conducted anonymously. Violation of the anonymity is possible only in the case of a declaration of the reviewer about plagiarism or falsification of materials contained in the article. Copies of reviews of manuscripts prepared by members of the editorial board or experts shall be communicated to the authors in writing electronic) form.

7. If the review contains recommendations to correct and refine the article, the responsible Secretary shall send to the author of the text book reviews with the proposal to take into account the recommendations in preparing the new version of article or reasonably refute them. The redesigned version has to be sent for review again.

8. Article shall be deemed to have been accepted for publication only if there is no positive reviews, but and negative if it is supported by the majority of the members of the Editorial Board in the magazine. The order and priority of publication of an article is determined depending on the volume of published material and a list of topics in each issue.

9. The Editorial Board does not guarantee publication of all material provided. The article will not be accepted unless it is published or sent to other publications; the authors have not provided in full their personal data in accordance with the requirements of the authors; text decoration does not meet the above requirements. In case of rejection of the article from the publication in the Journal editorial board author is sent a reasoned refusal in writing (electronic) form.

10. The Editorial Board reserves the right to editing articles without notice authors.