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Дизайн. Материалы. Технология

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Transliteration examples of design

  1. Monographies (books):

Kurochkina A. Y. Upravlenie kachestvom v organizatsiiakh sfery uslug [Quality management in service organizations]. Saint-Petersburg, SPbGUEF Publ., 2009. (In Russian).

  1. Articles from magazines (collections of articles, Conference materials, etc.):

Dragunov M. E., Chernyh M. M., Sadykova G. R. Sport air pistols competitive analysis. Vestnik IzhGTU im. M.T. Kalashnikova, 2013, no. 4(60), pp. 26–28 (In Russian).

  1. Online resources:

Sait kafedry trikotazhnogo proizvodstva SPGUTD. Available at: http://www.korely.ru/88.html (accessed 29 June 2014).

At the end of the description of Russian editions, you must add "(In Russian)" is once again emphasizes that the book was published in Russia.            It is possible to use a free resource: http://www.translit.ru, choosing the most common transliteration system in the world, the library of Congress (LC). Inconsistencies in transliteration causes loss of links for citation and search.

If the publication has described digital object identifier DOI, it is necessary to specify the references at the end of the single recording without gaps: doi: 10.1134/S1023193508080077.

Do not make arbitrary abbreviations of the names of the referenced sources. This can lead to a loss of links to source, as abbreviated name may not be identified.

When drawing up the lists of the literature you need to strictly follow our recommendations, taking into account all the features: punctuation, spaces, italic, the presence of (Russian version) and absence (in English) slash, downsizing, kind of brackets, etc.