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Requirements to provided manuscripts.
• Editorial Board accepts for publication articles from graduate  students,   university workers, research institutes , RAS , industry: articles containing new , never published before  results of scientific research , review the nature of the problem , based on the latest achievements of science , engineering and technology
• The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information given in the articles , the lack of data which are not subject to public release , and accuracy of information on the literature cited .
• Text should be separated by paragraph . There should be a conclusion paragraph at the end of the article.
• The paper should not exceed 7 pages of typed text , the total number of figures, including a, b, c , etc. – should not exceed  7 . Scope of article’s review should not exceed 10 pages , the total number of figures – should be no more than 9  .
• The text should be submitted in Word (*DOC or *RTF). Pages must be numbered . Page margins - 25 mm. The material should be presented in the following sequence :
UDC - Bold Times New Roman 12pt,
Name of the authors - Italic Times New Roman 12pt
name of organization - Italic Times New Roman 12pt
Title of the article - Bold Times New Roman 12pt,
Abstract - Italic Times New Roman 12pt
Keywords - Italic Times New Roman 12pt

Title of the article in English - Bold Times New Roman 12pt,
Name of the authors ( name of organization in English) - Italic Times New Roman 12pt
Abstract in English - Italic Times New Roman 12pt
Key words in English - Italic Times New Roman 12pt

Article text - Normal Times New Roman 12pt;
line spacing - single .

Mathematical formulas should be performed in  MathType.
Numbers should  be assigned only to those formulas that are referenced in the text.  Number  is placed in parentheses to the right of the formula . The sequential numbering should be used . Explanation of symbols is given in the order in which they are used in the formula. The  decimals should  include commas .

Tables and figures .
All figures and tables in the article should be numbered and provided with signatures (Fig.1. Name ) (table 1. Name ) in the text should be clear links to each figure and table . All figures and tables  should be only presened in portrait orientation. Raster and vector graphics (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, EPS) should be  in resolution of at least 300 dpi. All drawings should be made in black and white or grayscale , color images and photographs are not accepted (  full-color issues will be reported separately). Figures should be clear and crisp , with well-designed details. The signatures in the figures should use numeric or alphanumeric designations , which should be explained in the caption under the picture or text. Care must be taken to  match the figures  to those in the text and  on the figures to make sure they are the same. Figures in the text should be numbered consecutively . In addition to placing figures in the text, all figures should be submitted as separate files ( one figure - one file) appropriate format . Captions are printed in a text editor ( not on the picture).

References .
Each article must be provided with a list of references , which are  made in its course and are  mentioned in the text. Examples of references in the text :    [1 ] [1 ] - [5 ] , [3 . 20]. Making endnotes bibliography must conform to requirements of GOST R 7.0.5-2008 .

• The following accompanying documents should be attached to the article in accordance with the Procedure for consideration and review of articles; application (Appendix 1) , containing information about  all authors (last name , first name , title, full name and postal address of the organization , work phone , e . Mail ) indicating with whom to correspond.
• A complete set of documents should be sent by e- mail (sutd-izv@yandex.ru) and by regular mail with an attachment   of the hard copy edition. Files must be called according to the name of the first author . Articles should be sent individually, one article per file..
• Editorial Board does not guarantee publication of all submitted materials . Article will not be accepted for consideration if it was published or sent to other publications , the authors did not provide completed application form  , formatted text does not meet the above requirements . The editors reserve the right to editorial changes without notice to article authors.
• Received articles are reviewed and considered by the Editorial Board . Article accepted for publication after editing and consent of the author is printed in the journal. Date of receipt of articles considered last date of revision. .
•  There are no fees for publication of the articled to graduate students.